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Translation is the written transfer of the content of a particular text from one language to another. Often the form of the text must also be transferred.

Translation is done based on a source text that is written in a source language. The concrete result of the translation work is thus a target text in the target language.

To carry out the work requires good knowledge of the source language, but also good stylistic skills in the target language and extensive knowledge of the cultural context of the source and target language. Professional translators in Sweden usually translate into their mother tongue.

Authorization is issued by the Board of Trustees and an authorized translator has a protected title with its own registration number with the Board of Trustees.

Different types of translation are:

  • Technical translation
  • Fiction translation
  • Film and TV translation (”subtitling”)

Translators who perform or specialize in specialist translation – that is, translation of non-fiction texts – are called specialist translators. This type of translation includes all types of technical texts, such as instructions for use, technical descriptions, medical certificates and agreements. Translation of technical texts may require good knowledge in the subject areas the text concerns.


Graphic Production

Save time and get the highest quality by entrusting your desktop publications and graphic translations to a team with professional translation and publishing expertise.

At Språkpoolen, we have the competence to not only provide regular translation of your documents and materials, but also graphic and publishing competence that enables us to deliver translated works in the format in which they are to be used.

Our consultants use creative ways to adjust the format of the text to ensure that the target language’s messages are presented professionally and are visually appealing within the framework of the source language. Where adjustments are preferred, we provide suggested formats. We make sure that the presentation of the graphics in the materials keeps the correct placement and messages as in the source language.

We work closely as an extension of your project team to ensure that the delivery reaches its goals.


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